The potager.

In the backyard I created a 'potager'. A 'potager' is a French version of a vegetable garden complemented with cut flowers. What is in this garden besides flowers?

Lettuce. We have been eating this salad since May. At the moment, the Lollo Rosso is bolting. It makes beautiful cones, about half a meter high. A real addition to the garden!

Strawberries, well I have to say, that is a sad story. At the very moment the strawberry ripens, a blackbird is quicker at it than I am. I have already become so low that I even eat very light coloured strawberries. Nets? Maybe I might use them next year.

What else is on the menu? Oh yes, potatoes. Every day before dinner I dig out a plant. Just scrape the potato and bake them. They are the best!

On bamboo canes I am growing beans. I have chosen the variety "Cobra" because of its lilac flowers. It proved to be a good choice. The flowers are indeed lilac and the beans taste fine.

And finally, I want to mention the broad beans. They are my favourite. They have done very well. As I peel the pods, I can see the beans lying in their fur. They look like pearls, or is that over the top?

Growing vegetables in the garden is really satisfying. The best of both worlds!

Lettuce half a meter high!

A smal harvest strawberries.

Beans, I like the lavender flowers..  

.. and they taste fantastic.

Before dinner...

...I dig out some potatoes.

Broad beans.

Together with lupines.

Looking good...

.....tasting good!

Beautifully packet.


  1. Dear Hetty, so cool that you have a potager! The bolting Lollo Rosso looks so beautiful. I have never seen at this stage. And digging up potatoes right before dinner, it doesn't get better than this, I guess. Wishing you a continued great summer harvest!
    Warm regards,


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