Ground elder. What to do with it?

 Beautiful flowers don’t you think? Pretty, but it is the biggest enemy of every gardener! As I looked behind the fence with the neighbour’s garden l saw ground elder was flowering. I was shocked. If that sets seeds.....

Ground elder, it is a very persistent weed. The roots break of quickly and the smallest portion of root left in the soil will result in a new plant growing. In the heavy clay soil of my garden it is a disaster. I pull of leafs to exhaust the plant. But I probably will be exhausted much sooner than the ground elder does!

Ground elder, what to do with it? Recently I received some tips of a fellow gardener. She told me that you could eat ground elder! She was very culinary skilled, so I hung at her lips!

All her tips at a glance:

Cooking in a wok, wonderfully crisp.
Chopped ground elder in an omelette.
Cooked like endive.
Use it as the main ingredient of pesto.
Used as a vegetable in the Indonesian fried rice dish.

My mouth was watering. I asked her whether she had enough ground elder growing in her garden to make all these lovely dishes. But she had non-in her garden.

"Where do you get it from then?" I asked curiously. "I pick it’, she told me. “In the park."

I wish she was my neighbour!

Ground elder, not just for eating.. can also make beautiful flower arrangements.


... in a vase.


  1. If you can' beat it - eat it! Beautiful in a vase.
    But I am very anxious about the neighbor's ground elder too...


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