Summer party.

Every summer we have ourselves a family day. This year it was my turn to organise this day and so we arranged our own garden day.

When the date arrived the weather promised to be sunny and warm. So we needed a lot of cool drinks, but how to arrange this? After all I only have a small refrigerator. But then my eye fell on the African pot in the garden.

This pot is the kind that is being used in Africa to store water. The pot itself is porous and thus the water remains cool. (Read more about these pot) This pot would be the solution for my cool drinks! I filled the pot with water and put some roses in for decoration. After that the soda bottles went into the water “et voilà” the work was done!

The family day dawned. You need to know that on a sunny Saturday EVERYONE wants to be in Zeeland where we live. Soon we received a text from our eldest daughter: I'm in 5 km traffic jam, so I will arrive later. Then a call from my brother in law: We're stuck in traffic and according to TomTom, we will be about an hour and a half later. My oldest brother sent an app: Well, we are stuck in traffic and at least half an hour later than planned. Finally my younger brother called: We're stuck in traffic and my engine starts to boil. I'm looking for a garage. You will hear from me ….

Eventually all family members arrived. Even most of my cousins were present. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon in the garden. We had plenty of time for each other and enough time to chat.

And the drinks of the pot, you might ask.

They were cool!

I filled the African pot with water..... 

.......and added some roses.

Even in full sun the water stays cool.

I added the bottles.

Party time!

 I made some bouquets.

Field bouquets are so pretty.

Tiny flowers, I don't know the name.

They complemented the whole atmosphere.

The African pot in summer, with Hosta.

The African pot in Spring, with tulips.

Thanks for hosting Hakan 


  1. Dear Hetty, this African Pot is really cool. It looks good, obviously very versatile to use and that it keeps the water bottles cold on hot days is quite astonishing. Glad you had a nice family gathering in your garden. Oh, and I love your field bouquets. The dainty, small blooms are so pretty!
    Warm regards,

  2. Hetty, I am at my parents house in the US, but I've still come to visit your garden!

    Using the African pot is a very clever idea that I would copy if I had something similar. My house is usually the venue for all family gatherings, and I've even been thinking about getting a second refrigerator...

  3. I've never heard of an African pot before. Thanks for sharing. Your flowers are beautiful.

  4. A very useful pot, and pretty with roses...


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