Gardening a lesson in patience.

Today my Dierama is flowering. Dierama, never heard of you might think. What is so special about that? Well, let me explain.

On a garden trip in 2013 I visited the famous Great Dixter garden in the UK. That’s where I saw the pink flowering plant for the first time. Unfortunately, I could not find a nameplate. A friendly English lady told me that this plant was called 'Angels Fishing’.

The name is well chosen. The flowers sway with every breath of wind. The stems are curved and fragile. It looks like the rod of a trout fisher. Unfortunately, of this beautiful plant no plants or seeds were for sale.

In the next garden I visited on that same trip I saw the plant again. This time there even was a nameplate on it: Dierama. Now I was getting somewhere! But again no plants or seeds were for sale.

In the garden of Margery Fish I saw the plant for the third time. And finally, seeds of the plant were for sale! I immediately bought me a bag. At last I had the seeds!!

That autumn, I sew the Dierama but unfortunately only two plants came up. These I planted in the garden and of course they were pampered with great love. But alas, the following year only some skinny leafs appeared and no flowers whatsoever.

But the year after... they finally started flowering too!

So you will understand this is not a plant for novice gardeners. Almost everything is difficult about this plant. Purchasing, growing, winter hardiness etc.

Even photographing is difficult because the fragile stalks simply move continuously with the winds. And as my garden is very close to the sea it blows often.

However, the result of my quest makes me very happy! And it shows that gardening is all a lesson in patience!

Dierama pulcherrimum.

A mature plant in an English garden.

The first year, only leafs.

For the first time in flower!

Almost transparent.

I love the shape and colour of the flowers.

Tiny stems sway  with every breath of wind.

Seed package. 

Garden of Margery Fish

Thanks for hosting Hakan 


  1. Een prachtplant!! Hetty. Ik heb het bij de Hessenhof zien bloeien. Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt.
    Fijne avond gewenst.

  2. Dear Hetty, what a wonderful success that you could grow Dierama from seeds! These plants are so beautiful, I love them very much! Funny, I saw Dierama at Great Dixter the first time as well. I remember them gently swaying in the wind in the area of the sunken garden. It was such a lovely sight and I never could get the image out of my head. I don't know if I can Dierama grow here or not, but I definitively have to find out. It really made me happy today to see these beauties growing in your garden!
    Warm regards,


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