A new skyline to my garden.

 The photos above, may give the impression that I'm on vacation and photographed an excavation. But that is far from the truth. These pictures were taken at the other side of the fence around my garden.

Last week, the house and the barn next to our house have been torn down. In pictures of my garden you have not often seen this house. I always tried to keep it out of the picture. But I could not resist taking pictures of its vanishing.

My husband and I have been watching breathlessly how the work came about. First the barn was knocked down to the ground. The house followed the next day. You can imagine we did not work much those days. All the activities were just too distracting.

The result is simply amazing. My garden has a totally new skyline!

In the near future a new house will be built at the same place, but for the moment we enjoy blue skies!

The old barn, before...

....and after.

The house of our neighbors. 

Work in progress.

It looks like a gigantic dinosaur....

....is eating the house.

Search the differences.


open skies! And a new skyline.


  1. Hi Hetty, wow, what a difference! Love your new view and you can even see a windmill now! Hopefully the new house they build will be a nice one, but in any case enjoy the new open view as much and as long as you can.
    Warm regards,

  2. Hetty, what a difference! I can't believe that the barn was made of bricks - it must have been a very rich family who built a brick barn many years ago.

    I also have new neighbors now, and my mind is racing with ideas to create more privacy. Ijust wish my trees would grow faster!


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