Super tip. Annuals in pots.

Annuals in pots are beautiful, but watering them well is a bit of a mission, especially during summer. Occasionally I simply forget to do so!

Last year, during a garden trip, I heard about the Huyskweker; a company with shops throughout the Netherlands. They sell plastic pots with a water reservoir in it. Because of this you only need to water the plants ones a week. Ideal for garden women like me who in summer rather go to the beach!

This spring, I went to the Huyskweker in my vicinity. The pots with water tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Also there was a great choice in annuals. Several examples were displayed. I chose “Sea Breeze”, in dark purple and white. I added a lavender Surfinia 'Blue Sky' in order to personalise the pot. The pots were planted up the next day and put aside in order for me to come pick it up in May.

Mid-May I returned to the store. My annuals had grown enormously during the time I had left them at the store. I got instructions on fertilizing and watering and with an encouraging "You can do this", I went back home.

At home I put the plastic pots with the flowers in my own terracotta pots - I am not a huge fan of plastic pots - and watered the plants immediately. Almost a whole watering can disappeared in each pot. I could not believe the reservoirs to have such a large capacity.

Already a week later, the plants bloom in abundance. It's a beautiful sight to have four of these pots in the back garden. At this very moment, the flowers in each pot fill need nearly a square meter of space. It's overwhelming.

Once a week, I water the plants with a spoonful of the manure supplied when I bought the pots. I don not know what they have put in it, but they call it turbo manure.

I fully agree!

Two pots either sites the rose arch....

..... two more.

The same pot Mid May.

Surfinia 'Sky Blue'

The combination, 'Sea Breeze'.

They look fantastic.... the morning light.

The nursery "d' Onruste".

All these beautiful plants!

It is difficult to chose.

The pot with the water tank.

All these colors....

Maybe this one next year?