Scented flowers and plants.

The other day, on my way back home, I stopped at the waterside of the Oosterschelde. I opened the window of my car and smelled: salty air, mixed with seaweed and diesel. That is Zeeland. But closing my eyes, I was back in Brittany! Scent immediately evokes memories.

Floral fragrances evoke memories to me too. Matthiola, the plant with the strong scent, always brings me back to my childhood. My mother once put a bouquet of night-scented stock in the room. The scent was so overwhelming we could not bear it inside the house! The same goes for me, with hyacinths. In my opinion they scent wonderful, but only on the table outside!

At this moment the roses are starting to flower and I enjoy various rose scents. They bring lots of memories to me. E.g. the rose ‘Mme Alfred Carrière’ brings back memories of warm summer evenings and Rose 'Fantin Latour’ reminds me of open garden days. In rose 'Blanche Fleur' I smell the soap my grandmother used to use.

There are also flowers with a surprising scent, like Iris germanica 'Night Ruler'. An almost black iris, with the smell of ... .chocolate!

Not only flowers, but also leafs can provide a scent of emotion. The leafs of Geranium macrorrhizum 'White Ness' smells like lemon. When I close my eyes I'm in the shed of my neighbour, where she kept the geraniums during the winter period. The spicy scented leafs of Cistus bring me back to a fiercely hot southern France.

Fragrant flowers and plants. They can evoke a lot of emotions and they make you travel in time!

The garden is open to the public June 19 and 20.

Matthiola incana. Strong scented flowers!

Hyacint. On the table outside. 

Rosa 'Mme Alfred Carriere'. 

Rosa 'Fantin Latour'. Superb scent.

Rosa 'Blanche Fleur.' 

close up. Rosa 'Blanche Fleur'.

Iris germanica 'Night Ruler'. Smells like chocolate!

Geranium 'White Ness' has lemon scented leafs. 

Cistus, reminds me of hot southern France.

Everyone's favorite. Lathyrus odoratus.

Viola, a modest scent in summer.

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  1. Dear Hetty, you are so right about scent! I think that is why I love roses so much, because they can be so fragrant and their perfume is so different from variety to variety. To smell them is almost as exciting to me than to see the beauty of their blooms.
    Your photo of the iris germanica 'Night Ruler' is stunning. What an amazing, saturated, dark, shiny color it has!
    Wishing you a great week!

  2. Dear Hetty
    You have so many lovely flowers. I love roses and have a lot historical. You like them too...
    Wonderful rosetime...


  3. What a gorgeous garden. Your photography is beautiful. I amazed at all of the different varieties of roses and these ones are gorgeous. I planned my rose garden based on fragrance as much as color. And yes, some fragrances definitely belong outside.

  4. Lovely flowers and memories. Fragrances makes strong memories...


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