GBBD June, for me it is.... peonies!

June. Where to start to write about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day? In my garden are so many flowers. Well I have chosen the peonies. After all they flower only this month.

In the first week of June common peony starts to bloom. This shrub is a very old one. When we bought the house - 35 years ago – it was already in the garden. The flowers open with soft pink petals on the outside. The inside is filled with hundreds of tiny petals in cream. After a few days the flower will change to white. At the same time the red heart becomes visible.

But there are more peonies in my garden. For example P. "Jan van Leeuwen. It is a white peony, with yellow stamens. It flowers only a very short time, so I would not buy it again. Much better is P. 'Laura Dessert'. A shell pink coloured peony with countless flowers that stay beautiful for a long time. It is one of my favourites.

Another favourite, but this time for a sentimental point of view, is P. 'Sarah Bernhardt'. This peony comes from the garden of my parents. This peony is often offered on the market as a cut flower. It has strong stems and thick pink double flowers that do well in the vase.

Occasionally people complain that their peonies do not want to bloom. In that case usually the peony is planted too deep. The 'nose' of the peonies should stand above the surface. (With noses I mean the red growing points coming from the root.) In that case, lift the plant a little higher with a spading fork or plant it again.

Meanwhile for about two weeks I am enjoying these delightful flowers. Single, double or filled, it makes no difference to me.

Have you any space left in the garden? Plant a peony. A very strong plant with flowers, to die for!

Common peony starting to flower in pink and cream

After a few days, the colour is white.

You can see the red coloured heart.

Paeonia 'Jan van Leeuwen'

Paeonia 'Laura Dessert'

  A beautiful one.

P. 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Three peonies in the garden, 'Jan van Leeuwen', 'Sarah Bernhardt' and  'Laura Dessert'.

In a vase P. 'Sarah Bernhardt'.

Paeonia 'Crincled White'

Paeonia 'Gay border June'

A new one in my garden, P. 'Amalia Olson'

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  1. Oh, I am so envious of your beautiful peonies! It's winter here and I won't have them for another six months! Still, your pictures are a beautiful lift on this cold winter's day :)

  2. I love your peonies. Mine are all finished so it's great to see yours. 'Laura Dessert' is a lovely shell color. Happy Bloom Day!~~Dee

  3. Dear Hetty, your peonies are drop dead gorgeous, all of them! I really enjoyed seeing the different varieties that you are growing in you garden.
    Warm regards,

  4. Paeonias are wonderful :) No garden without! 'Jan van Leeuwen' is really beautiful, but I think getting confine myself with 'Claire de Lune' and 'Krinkeled Wite' for single whites. Last year I planted 'Laura Dessert'. I don't expect flowers this year, but some other paeonias are flowering for the first time :)


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