DIY. Turf bench, contemporary style.

Hetty, what in Pete’s name is a turf bench? Well, it is a bench which seating area is overgrown with grass. In the Middle Ages respectable ladies used it to sit on those benches. It made them feel one with nature without having to sit on the ground. Posh!

As regular readers of my blog, may remember, I have recently renovated part of my lawn with some new turf. Afterwards, I had a leftover of almost half a roll of turf. What to do with this?

At some point I looked at my wicker chairs. The seating area was broken. I was pondering, maybe with the remaining turf I could make a "cushion" on it? Eureka, a turf seat! I could even improve the idea with some violets in it?

Once the idea is born the making is easy. I immediately bought me some violets and potting soil.

This is the way I did it:
Place a piece of plastic on the chair seat.
Arrange the turf around the seat.
Fill it up with soil.
Plant 9 violets per seat.
Water it well.

After a few weeks time the violets have grown tremendously. The turf has grown as well. It is growing quite funny either side by the wicker chairs. I even might have to mow the chairs in the future?!

Is this really a turf bench contemporary style, you might ask yourselves?

No, ……………it is a sitting basket!

Wicker chair, seating area is broken.

Arrange the turf around.

Plastic on the chair seat, make some holes in it.


A month later... turf is growing either sides of the chair.

Viola is also growing..

 Contemporary turf bench/seat.

Funny sitting basket!


All new followers a warm welcome.


  1. Hi Hetty! What a lovely idea, and it is beautiful.
    Regards Marika.

  2. Dear Hetty
    Thanks for this fantastic idea. It looks great and very romantic.
    I love it!!!
    The last photo is superb!


  3. I wouldn't sit on the pretty flowers, but the worn chairs really look good :)


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