Tulip vases.


The tulip shown above is from my own garden. It is a tulip that is infected with a virus. You can see this by the stripes. This is a so called 'broken' tulip. I have put it in a vase, to prevent it infecting the other tulips. Although it is ill, it still is beautiful. ...

During the Dutch Golden Age (17th century) the price of tulip bulbs with a striped drawing as shown above reached extreme heights. In 1637 these tulip bulbs could be sold for the price of an Amsterdam canal house! In those days, if you could afford to buy yourselves tulips, of course you wanted to show off with them as well.

For that reason the tulip vase has been designed. These vases were commonly white with a Delft blue painting. To make an even bigger impression, you should have a pyramid vase. These had several floors. At the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) I even saw a pyramid tulip vase as tall as I am myself!

I'm not quite sure what to think about these tulip vases. Are they pretty or pretty ugly? Anyhow, it is an easy vase for flower arranging dummies. You simply put a flower in every sprout; job done it just cannot go wrong!

However, this story of 17th century striped tulips, ended up badly. After discovering that these bulbs were in effect infected with a virus, they lost their value completely! The prices collapsed and many traders went bankrupt.

However, the tulip vases remained. But I still have not figured it out; do l like or dislike them?

I am still in doubt.

tulip vases

For sale, new tulip vases.

tulip vases

 Tulip vases; they are as tall as I am! (The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.)

tulip vases

Impression of an old Dutch house. I saw this at Keukenhof.

tulip vases

This was a fashionable flower arrangement in the 17e century. 


Can you imagine to buy one tulip bulb for the prise of a Amsterdam canal house?
 Super deal!

tulip vases

My tulip vases at the kitchen table.

tulip vases

A flower arrangement for dummies. Put a flower in every sprout.

spring flowers

Forget-me-not and Ipheion. Tulip vases, not only for tulips! 

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  1. Dear Hetty, I have "my problem" with tulips vases as well! I guess the smaller they are, the more I am able to like them. The really big ones, like the one in the museum, I appreciate as a piece of art, like a sculpture. But imagining tulips displayed in them, not so much.
    I have to say I do like your modern white tulip vases, though! The organic shape makes for an interesting but not too stiff and formal display and a group of four changes the character of a tulip vase completely.
    I enjoyed the info about tulips in general and seeing all the photos of the traditional blue and white tulip vases, great post!
    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Hetty
    I love the colourful tulips!
    But the vases take power from the tulips.
    I love when tuilpan stalks winds
    The last picture is delightful!!


  3. Hetty, no, I can't say that I particularly care for the tulip vases. I had never seen them before, and I find the larger ones overwhelming.

    How was your garden visit?


  4. It's the first time I see a tulip vase. The forget-me-nots are pretty and I like the tulip houses. xo

  5. Pretty virus! Is'nt it how the "Rembrandt" tulips are made?


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