On cloud nine with my hands in the clay.

Gardeners Illustrated April is on sale now and my garden is featured in it! I knew this was going to happen of course, but still the very moment you have the magazine in hand, then you are really on cloud nine....

I have to return quickly to earth though. A garden woman featuring in Gardeners Illustrated needs to work hard in her garden!

Last week I took on a part of the lawn in the back yard. This gets very little light and therefore it struggles growing. So, I have decided to lay new turf.

Easier said than done though. Preparing the soil is a lot of work. First digging up the aria and breaking down large clumps. Of course I had to remove all weeds. After that, I shuffled back and forth with my boots to firm the soil. Finally you will have to rake the soil. After all this preparation, the turf can be laid. You should immediately water the turf a plentiful.

The advantage of laying turf instead of sowing grass, is that you can immediately enjoy a green lawn. After all the hard labour I look at my work with satisfaction.

My garden in an English garden magazine ...... I muse and I am floating back on my cloud again, albeit with hands dirty of mud and clay..... 

The life of a garden woman is not only glitz and glam!

The garden wil be open April 24 and 25.




The turf.

Laying the turf.

The final result.

A stroll through the garden.

Narcisses in pots are beautiful at the moment.

Close up, Narcis 'Sailboat'.


The first tulips start to flower.

More daffodils.

The Spring party has started overhere.

On the table, Puskinia.


  1. Dear Hetty
    Congratulations to you !!
    Your garden is also great and you have so much drive and energy!
    Love the Narcis 'Sailboat ".


  2. Congratulations, Hetty! Of course you are on cloud nine - having your garden in an English garden magazine is quite an honor. Unfortunately, they do not sell this magazine in Spain, otherwise I'd run out to buy one. Enjoy your achievement!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful garden you have. Reallty, really beautiful!
    Have a nice week.
    I think I most add you.

    Best regards from me Ewa :)

  4. Dear Hetty, wow, there is an article about your garden in Gardens Illustrated? Congratulations!!! That is BIG! I am so happy for you and if I would be you, I would sail on cloud seven, too :-)!
    But as you said mostly gardening is hard work and not glamour and bling. The grass path that you repaired with sod looks awesome. Actually, your whole garden does!
    I feel thoroughly inspired by your post and can't wait to get out and work in my garden as well. Thanks!

  5. So wonderful and inspiring garden photographs! Have a nice day!

  6. Hi Hetty! What a beautiful garden you have. Something to be proud about.
    Have a nice weekend! Marika

  7. Lovely garden!
    Have a nice weekend

  8. Wow, your garden looks stunning and like a dream!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Så fint och praktiskt med färdigt gräs. En underbar vy att titta på
    Ha en fin dag

  10. Wow! Congratulations :)
    But, of course demanding. Your garden is so beautiful now!

  11. You certainly have a wonderful garden, I must take a look at your homepage too!


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