Candy Prince, irresistible.

“I am sorry to inform you, but Tulip 'Pink Diamond' is not available", Jan Deen - my bulbs supplier - wrote to me last autumn. “Instead I have selected tulip 'Candy Prince' for you. If you don not like the colour, just pull them out!"

Oh yes, Jan knows my style of gardening. If something it is not to my taste I will certainly pull it out!

On the Internet I tried I to find a picture of 'Candy Prince’. It appears to be a beautiful tulip in a light pink colour. But alas, the flowering time was completely wrong. I had planned a late flowering tulip, I got me an early flowering one instead! That was completely wrong in the schedule I planned.

What to do? I considered dozens of options and my thoughts milled on and on for many nights. Eventually I found a solution. I would have to plant 'Candy Prince' in a totally different area of my garden. I supposed that Tulip ‘Candy Prince’ and 'Blue Diamond' would be wonderful together under the pear tree.

At this moment Tulips 'Candy Prince' and 'Blue Diamond' are flowering. Together with the dark Helleborus it turns out to be the stunning combination I dreamed of.

My creativity has been put to the test severely, but that is all easily forgotten.

Because this prince; for sure no one can resist! 

The garden will be open April 24 and 25.

Tulipa 'Candy Prince' together with the dark Helleborus.

Tulip 'Candy Prince' and T. 'Blue Diamond'. 

Combination of tulips and the spiky  leaves of bearded Irises an the soft grey leaves of Matthiola incana.

The tulips just started flowering and it is beautiful already.

Harmonious colours.

Tulip 'Blue Diamond', a little darker than 'Candy Prince'.

Have a Happy Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. Dear Hetty
    It is a wonderful combination- colour and form fits so deligtful!
    Lively pictures, Hetty!


  2. Pink tulips are my favorite, too! Unfortunately some deers have found my tulips this year, I can only hope they will not be back (the deers, not the tulips!).

  3. Dear Anni, I know all about the deer. It is a huge problem and they like roses too! If you have a tip... Groetjes,


  4. Never seen such a beautiful pink tulip.

  5. Ay, Hetty, I am not a pink person, but your tulips are lovely. I especially like the contrast in color with the helleborus and the silvery foliage of the Matthiola in the 3rd photo. I see that your garden is open next weekend. If only I were closer!

  6. It turned out to be a lovely combination. Have a nice weekend Hetty!

  7. Beautiful photos! Have a nice evening!

  8. They look lovely together! So nice pictures from Your garden! :) Oh, and thanks for Your comment at my blog, well Yes I´ll have to ceep my Geranium maderense in a pot in the greenhouse over the winter! And Yes, it´s always wonderful with fresh idéas! Have a nice weekend! :) Mia

  9. Oh so beautiful combination, with the colours and the differens! Have wonderful week. Best regards from Ewa :)


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