The frozen garden.

The frozen garden.

Last Friday it was a perfect day to take pictures of the garden. The night before we had a little frost (- 4) and there is some sunshine predicted too. I rose early to capture the frozen garden with my camera.

The rose 'The Pilgrim' is the first to be touched by the sunlight. The other day, it was a withered rose, but today covered in frost, it looks like a rose from a fairy tale.

Snowdrops are limp to the ground. They extract water from the cells to protect itself against frost. If the temperature is above zero, in no time they will stand upright.

Suddenly the sun arrives in the backyard. The red chard delivers stunning images. Surprisingly how everything looks so much better with a little bit of frost on it.

The sun is powerful already. In a few moments the beautiful frozen topic has melted. I am amazed how fast it all goes. It’s gone within a blink of an eye.

One frosty day.

Enjoy the pictures!

Tree peony seed head.

Simple grasses. I love it. 

The fence at the roadside is more beautiful than ever.

Snowdrops limp to the ground.

Spiked frost on a snowdrop.

Helleborus always beautiful.

I like these red leaves of Chart.

Beautiful colours.

This looks like an abstract painting.

Poppy leaves.

Covered with frost...

Within a blink of an eye the frost is melted.


  1. Wonderful photos. The frost is so pretty.

  2. Very beautiful ... frost covers all up so nice and sparkling

  3. Frost is so beautiful. Lovely photos.


  4. Lovely frosty pictures. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Så vackert det är med den vita rimfrosten, lite kallt men så fint
    Ha en fin fredag
    kram Meta

  6. Så fina foton. Den lilla frostnupna snödroppen, så söt!
    Ha en fin helg!

  7. Frost in garden makes it almost new... Exiting!
    Have a nice weekend! :)

  8. Lovley photos, frozen garden is beautiful also! :)
    Have a nice weekend and week!

    Best regards Ewa :)

  9. Yes, like a fairy was there with her wand...


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