How I try to lose weight and why my birds get fatter.

“Would you like to join me indoor skiing?” My husband asked me. Skiing? Of course I would!

A little worried though, I searched my wardrobe for my ski suit. I realized that I did not wear it since 15 years ago. Would it still fit me?

I tried it on. It felt rather tight. It made me feel like a sausage! Luckily I have still a few days left to lose some weight. A crash diet should be the best option. A lot of water, no wine, no chocolate and certainly no homemade cake!

So rather than baking a cake for us this week, I “baked” a cake for the birds in my garden. I took a silicone baking “tin” (very much recommended) and put the birdseed in it. Furthermore I melted some fat in a saucepan and pored it over the birdseed into the tin. Finally I put the tin outside, to congeal the total mixture.

The “cake” - once freed from the tin - looks fantastic. I was very satisfied. The birds will be ever so pleased with this cake, most probably for different reasons though! I put the cake on a garden table and placed it nearby my French doors.

Sitting in my living room I patiently await the birds coming to eat. I wait and wait and wait some more…however no sign of a bird. Is my cake not tasty enough, or is there still plenty of food in the garden? Or are the birds on a crash diet too?

After a few days the birds finally started to eat from my cake. Just like I started to eat too!

The ingredients to make a bird cake. 

The final result.

It looks tasty.

No sign of a bird.

After a few days..

Several birds are eating from my cake.

So my birds fatten..

And I hope to lose some weight!

Finally a warm welcome to all new followers of my blog. 

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  1. Dear Hetty, to make a bird cake is such a wonderful idea and very decorative, too! I love the view out of your French doors into your garden on the first photo. How wonderful that the birds discovered the cake after a few days and were feasting on it. I am not into crash diets at all, but still wish you luck with your weight loss and fun with skiing. Warm regards,

  2. Lucky birds! An poor you... Think I would rather consider a new ski outfit :-)

  3. Lovely pictures, it´s nice to feed the birds, they need some good food. Have a nice weekend!


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