A promising start of the new garden season.

Galanthus 'Happy New Year' opened its flowers on the first day of January. I was so exited. These are the very first snowdrops to flower in my garden this year. 

I bought the bulbs last autumn at the stand of Peter Nijssen. He is a supplier of special bulbs. I’ll admit, I bought these snowdrops just because I liked the name. These snowdrops are in fact a curiosity by themselves. They were first found in a batch of Galanthus elwesii. The bulbs are quite large, the size of a walnut. So you get good value for your money!

To have a snowdrop flowering so early in the season is just wonderful. Hopefully they will multiply quickly.

The other snowdrops I have planted in previous years are showing signs of sprouting, but it will still take some weeks before these will flower.

I think it is a promising start of the gardening season and therefore I would like to say just like my Galanthus:

Happy New Year!


Galanthus 'Happy New Year'

G. 'Happy New Year' has a normal pattern; a single green mark.

But normal is also beautiful.

The other snowdrops are emerging, but it will take some time to see these flowering.


  1. Dear Hetty, how wonderful that you have snowdrops already blooming in your garden! It certainly is a cheerful start of the gardening year. Of course, I remember snowdrops from Germany and always have loved them, but here in Southern California I can't grow them, the climate is just too mild. For that reason I enjoy them even more, when I see them on other people's garden blogs. Wishing you a wonderful New Year 2015 as well.

  2. What a great way to greet the new year! Happy 2015!

    Holiday Garlands

  3. Wonderful! The snowdrops are very pretty.

  4. Happy New Year! Beautiful pictures!
    Best regards from me Ewa :)


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