December roses.

The other day Zeeland, the province I live in, has had a little frost. Not much, only 2 degrees below zero at night.

Before the frost, I picked a variety of roses from my garden. I put these to an old sauceboat to enjoy the roses for the last time this year. I was pretty sure the frost would have ended the flowering season for the roses. How wrong I was!

A little stroll around the garden still provides me enough blooming roses to make a blog post. Do not expect too much from these roses though. But as you all will know, garden happiness is to be found in little things!

In the back yard, flowering at the rose arches, some roses of R. Blush Noisette’ and R. ‘Mme Alfred Carrière’. I also see a branch of R. ‘Tapis Volent’ with several flowers on it.

In the front yard, I have discovered single roses to R. 'The Pilgrim', R. 'Windrush' R. 'Celina' and R. 'Golden Border'. This last one is always the first in flowering and continues until the very end. It is an unsurpassed rose in a soft yellow colour.

Maybe these December roses are not the prettiest, but I must admit, they are certainly the bravest!

R. Mme. Alfred Carriere.

R. Blush Noisette

R. Tapis Volent.

R. The Pilgrim

R. Celina

R. Golden Border

R. Windrush

R. Golden Wings

R. Yvonne Rabier
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  1. Hetty, that is a very clever use of a gravy boat. I'll have to remember that trick. It would make it easier to arrange roses with short stems, I imagine.
    Plus, your rose-covered curtains make the perfect backdrop!

  2. Your December roses still look very pretty, The Pilgrim is so pretty and full. Your roses in the gravy boat look very charming. Mine are done but down by the river they keep going most of the winter.

  3. Gorgeous! Roses always make me happy.

  4. Greetings Hetty, I thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photographs with Today's Flowers. All your roses are gorgeous!

  5. Lovely shots of these delightful roses!
    Many thanks for joining Floral Friday Fotos last week. Look forward to your next contribution.

  6. Lucky you, who still have many roses to admire, and to pick in. Beautiful in the sauceboat!

  7. Dear Hetty, I missed your rose post until today and to make sure that this is not happening again, I finally put your blog on my blog list ;-)! The roses that you picked look so lovely in that beautiful sauce boat. I am surprised that you have still so many rose blooming at this time of the year in the Netherlands. The autumn must have been pretty mild so far.
    Here we finally got the much needed rain, but it has spoiled all the rose blooms. I don't mind much though, since the rain is way more important than the current rose flowers. I still have plenty of buds, so there will be some more rose blooms this year. Wishing you a nice third advent,


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