Christmas market and a lot of old buildings.

Last week I have spent some days in Trier, Germany. At this time of the year many cities in Germany have Christmas markets. So does Trier.

The Christmas market is in the middle of the town, on the market square. Most Christmas shops are situated in log cabins. These log cabins are excessively decorated with pine tree branches. The shops sell all kind of Christmas articles as, for instance, decorations, candles and food.

The Christmas market is surrounded by a variety of candy coloured houses. These provide for a romantic atmosphere, especially in the evening when the lights are on.

The permanent shops in town do there very best to add a Christmas feel to their customers too. The shops are beautifully decorated. It is crowded on the streets. I love to see this hassle and bustle.

But there is more in Trier. Old roman buildings have stood the age of time. These date from the start of our calendar era. I visited, Porta Nigra, the black gate; the Amphitheatre, the Basilisk and the Dome. Finally I walked to the roman bridge over the river Mosel. I have deep respect for the romans. Even nowadays three rows of traffic use the bridge every day including heavy lorries.

Porta Nigra



Monastery garden of the Dome

Roman bridge.
A city with so many different aspects can wear you out. But I keep up with a lot of coffee and…..

cake with cream!

Highly  recommended!


  1. Trier är en liten mysig stad har varit dit några gånger. Julmarknaderna hos er är så roligt att besöka.
    Önskar dig en fin början av december
    Kram Meta

  2. Oh, I have always wanted to go to one of those Weihnachtsmarkts, but Germany is so far away from us! I absolutely adore the little wooden ornaments but, are they still handmade in Germany? Or, do they import things from China now, too? Oh, how I miss cake (Spaniards don't know how to make decent cake). And that Flammkuchen sounds yummy, too!

  3. Nice, old fashioned atmosphere!


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