November roses.

Last week I have planted thousands of bulbs in the garden. In order to avoid painful hands afterwards, I used a garden tool, which is especially made for this purpose. It was the first time I used this tool, but I am very pleased with this bulb planter. It makes the work so much easier, especially in the heavy soil I have in my garden.

I was so focussed on planting the bulbs that I almost overlooked the beautiful November roses in my garden. However, a thorny rose attracted my attention by grabbing me by my coat. I stopped working and looked up. My beautiful rose ‘The Prince’ was flowering!

After the terrible winters we had a few years ago I thought my Prince had died. But there it was again. Apparently even those winters did not kill it! After all these years, one dark red rose flowering in November. Beautiful!

Next morning it was a little bit foggy, but no wind at all. Perfect weather for taking pictures. Due to the fog, there were little drops of water on the roses. I took my macro lens and started to take pictures of my November roses. In close up the roses looked even better!

Lesson learnt. Take a step back every now and again and do not forget to enjoy the flowers in your garden. After all, is enjoying the plants and flowers not what gardening is all about?

November roses are the best!


Rosa 'The Prince', together with a spiders web.

Rosa 'The Prince' close up. What a joy to see my prince!

Rosa 'Tapis Volant' is flowering for months.

A three cm large flower of Rosa 'Medley Soft Pink'.

Miniature rose 'Yvonne Rabier'

Rosa 'The Pilgrim', always a good choice. 

Rosa 'Celina' looks so different in the fog.

Rosa 'Windrush', almost transparent

Twig of Rosa 'Fruhlingsduft'

Rosa 'Apricot Queen Elizabeth'

My new garden tool. I can use my foot to press the bulb planter into the ground.

After making a hole, I put in a bulb. Easy!

I also planted a lot of bulbs in pots. But, we have to wait.....
Thanks for hosting, bland rosor och bladloss-maleviks rosen tradgard


  1. Hetty, your roses look so lovely and fresh with the dew on them. Even the spiderwebs look pretty with dew and roses! That new garden tool looks like it is worth its weight in gold, and your soil! That soil is so dark, rich and amazing. I actually took photos of my light brown clay soil today. I'll have to post them sometime soon - it looks like pieces of a wet terracotta pot!

    A question: what do you do with the bulbs in pots?

  2. What a marvelous range of roses! Your captures are fantastic.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. I love roses ! That's just amazing your roses still look beautiful !

  4. Eu amo flores!

    Belíssimas fotos!!

    bjim, Lígia


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