Autumn colours.

Last weekend I tried to extend the summer feeling by going to the beautiful city of Malaga (Spain, bright sunshine 26oC). Returning home it can no longer be denied, summer is over and autumn is here to stay for several weeks.

I can see the changing of the light in the garden. The evening sky is on fire, in yellow, red and orange. The leaves are changing into yellow and orange too.

Seeing my plants die down, always gives me a sad feeling.

There is a beautiful Haiko of Pandita Sanchez on the internet:

Autumn Leaves

yellow butterflies
pressed against the window pane…
hello, autumn leaves

Whilst trying to capture the last bits of light in my garden with my camera, I felt like a butterfly too.

Fortunately we can count on Nature. Next spring it will all start all over again!


Leaves of Peonia.

Molinia 'Transparant' in evening sun.

Leaves of Hosta glow in yellow.

Alstroemeria and coloured leaves in the back ground together a beautify combination.

Red leaves of Hortensia.

Yellow leaves on the Rhus.

Aconitum in evening sun.

In the meantime it is summer in Malaga......

One of the gardens of Alcazaba in Malaga.

In the city of Malaga, beautiful gardens with exotic plants.
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  1. Dear Hetty
    So lovely and warn photos!!!


  2. Beatiful pictures.
    And the garden in Malaga lokks lovely.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Best regards from Ewa :)

  3. Beauty ot the withering garden.

  4. wunderschöne farben hat ihr garten!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  5. Wonderful pictures. Love the many colours of the flowers and foliage

  6. So pretty - love the beautiful russet tones!

  7. Lovely pictures, makes me long to spring and summer. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Dear Hetty,

    How beautiful all the wonderful Autumn tones of the gorgeous leaves and flowers.
    Great that you have a holiday and some sunshine in Malaga - the gardens look beautiful.
    Many thanks for the kind visit to my blog and the lovely note you left me, I appreciate this.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  9. you really get a sense of the seasons changing with the warmer colours starting to show. The Malaga gardens look stunning.


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