Sunflower power.


In the village where I live, a large plot of land had been sown in with green fertilizers. A lot of sunflowers were in the seed mixture too. When the sunflowers started flowering, it became a fantastic view!

The farmer and his wife decided that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the sunflowers. So they placed a sign at the roadside, which stated that everyone was gladly invited to pick the sunflowers. Why not they must have thought. After all within a few weeks time the whole plot will be shredded and dug over to fertilise the soil.

In the local newspaper there was an article about this field of sunflowers and from that moment on, many people drove to this field to pick sunflowers.

I picked a large bouquet of sunflowers too. It was lovely, these radiant yellow flowers. They brighten up even that heavily overcast day.

Next day the weather was better and I returned to the sunflower field to take some pictures for my blog. After doing so, I spoke to the farmer’s wife to say thank you for the sunflowers I picked earlier. Enthusiastically she told how everyone enjoyed the sunflowers. And she was ever so right. Sunflowers will put a big smile on your face.

What a fantastic initiative to make so many people happy.  

That is what I call real sunflower power.

People came to pick flowers.

Newspaper with the artical about the sunflowers.
Here I am, with sunflowers and a smile on my face.
Sunflowers in the vase.
Sun flower power.

Next day, the field is full of sunshine.

Green fertilizers are beautiful. 
An endles field with yellow sunflowers.


  1. Fantastic!
    A few years ago a man living in this town, got the idea to throw sunflower seeds everywhere in the trench edges along the roads. What a sight in the autumn :-)


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