Some plants I grow for sentimental reasons.

I believe every plants man/woman grows some plants for sentimental reasons. Perhaps you too grow some old variety, or a plant your mother used to grow. Let me tell you about the plant I grow for sentimental reasons.

When - at the age of nine- I started gardening I asked my grandfather for a plant to grow in my garden. Mind you my grandfather had a large, beautiful garden, filled with plants, so he could easily spare me a plant. On a Wednesday afternoon – when the kids in Holland do not attend school - l biked to my grandfather’s house. He had already dug out a purple Aster for me.

What an excellent choice for a nine-year-old gardener! Aster is a very strong plant and grows in every soil. It flowers for a long period and aside from some occasional mildew it is THE trouble-free plant for starters.

I remember planting the Aster in my tiny garden. Of course I expected the plant to flower next week. It did not. As you might expect, at a certain moment the garden was neglected. I was just too young.

But after all those years I still have a soft spot for purple Asters. I grow many in my garden. Different varieties flower one after the other. So I have Asters flowering for a long period. I love the varieties with small flowers, like Aster ‘Little Carlow’. Another favourite is Aster Laevis calliope; that is the one with almost black stems.

Maybe you find me sentimental, but when the Asters are flowering I always remember being in my grandfather’s garden. And that is a happy memory!


Aster ' Little Carlow'.

There is always a buzz around the Asters.

Different unknown variaties.

Not only me, but the butterflies love them too.

I like the soft purple color.

This is Aster Laevis calliope. With almost black stems.

In Autumn, I am never short in flowers.

They are beautiful together with Dahlia's. 

Asters make me happy.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and flowers and a sweet story!
    Have a nice week.
    Best regards, Ewa

  2. Hi Hetty! I think you are quite right In my case it was my grandma who taught me gardening. She had lovely peonies in her garden, and whenever I see the lovely flowers I remember her, with great love. Best regards Marika

  3. Love much the aster, nice post,have a nice end sunday.
    Greeting from Belgium.


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