Japanese Anemone. A beautiful plant I have to dispel.

Last week I have been eradicating my beautiful anemones (Anemone japonica). Why you might ask? Let me explain.

In former days, my anemones looked fine in my box garden. I liked the contrast of the formality of the box hedges against the looseness of the anemones.

However, I had to dig up all the box hedges because of box blight. After the box hedges had gone, I kept the anemones. But without the tightness of the box hedges the anemones look chaotic. By the time they are all flowering, it becomes just too much.

So I decided to dig out all the anemones. Easier said than done, because the Japanese anemones are known for an invasive root system. Everybody warned me that it would be very hard if not impossible to fully eradicate these plants. But I am determant to succeed.

Now the anemones have gone (or should I say are not visible at this moment?) I am left with eight empty spaces in my garden. What a lot of opportunities!

However still the odd chance that the anemones have gone underground, or at least their roots have….  Waiting to battle me!


Anemone japonica.

I really like them.
Beautiful flowers.
But sometimes it is a little too much.
The box garden in former times. I like the contrast.
The garden last week. Eight empty spaces!

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  1. They are beautiful but shane it got all too much. What will you be planting in their place?

    1. I am going to plant three hundred white tulips in the open spaces. When they are finished I am thinking about vegetables! That will be fun don't you think?

  2. They are not too bad. I'd like to have them in my garden.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hello Hetty,

    Lovely to discover your blog and you have such a gorgeous garden. the Anemone Japonica are so very pretty and shame you had to take them out. I understand that as I had to do the same with a pretty wisteria that was overtaking the wooden entryway to our house.
    Happy weekend

  4. Hello Hetty
    How lovely to meet you at Floral Friday!
    Stunning photographs of the pink Japanese Anemones - I love them too and had them in my old garden - they make such a wonderful Autumn display.

    Your garden looks beautifully laid out - the box plants have been affected by the blight here too - very sad.
    I've planted Euonymus hedging and I'm hoping it's not susceptible to disease too.

    I'm following you now.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Hi I like these flowers to, beautiful!
    Best regards Ewa :)

  6. Dear Hetty, I love your photos of the anemones. They are so romantic and charming! Sorry to read that you lost your wonderful boxwood hedges to box blight. That started a big change for your garden. Obviously you are woman of action, so even though it seems to be a little sad to me that you removed the anemones, I am sure you will come up with something equally good or better. I am curious what you will do with the eight empty borders. Good luck!


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