Garden Bloggers Blooms Day. October 2014

We have had changing weather for the last two weeks. Some rain, some sunshine. But the temperatures are still mild. Let's enjoy Autumn pictures from the garden! 

You will find more stories about my garden in the blog archive. 

Happy Garden Bloggers Blooms Day!

Colchicum autumnale.

Close up.

Butterfly loves rotted fruit.

Humulus Lupulus.

Close up

Grasses look fine at this time of the year.

Aconitum. Beautiful purple colour.

Autumn arrangement on the table.

Cymbalaria muralis.

Slugs are still active!

More about Garden Bloggers Blooms Day. Thanks for hosting Carol.


  1. Hello Hetty
    The first photo is absolute fantastic.
    Nice to see photos from your garden.


  2. Fantastic photo of the snail!
    Love the table arrangement
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  3. Incredible shots and a lovely fall arrangement!

  4. You have a lovely garden, but I can't look at it too long... it makes me jealous that you can grow so many wonderful things, whereas here in Spain we always have such a horrible drought in the summer. I envy you!

  5. I love your pictures, the table arrangement is lovely. Have a nice weekend!


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