Daydreaming of spring.

Last week the bulbs I ordered have arrived. Like all previous years I ordered them at my bulb supplier Jan Deen . He always delivers bulbs of  excellent quality.

Unpacking the boxes is always a moment of joy to me. The boxes are filled with brown paper bags containing bulbs in all kind of shapes. I am already visualizing the flower combinations when looking at all those bulbs.

But first of all I have to plant all these bulbs. Planting bulbs is hard work for me because of the heavy clay in my garden. I started planting the bulbs in the back yard. Last September I removed eight beds of Japanese Anemones. In order to get rid of even the smallest roots of these anemones, I dug the soil over and over again. So the soil at these particular spots is really soft now!

I have planted 4 varieties of white tulips in these eight places. Of each variety I ordered a hundred bubs. (so in total 400) Planting bulbs is a very satisfying job, especially when it is so easy because of the soft soil in these beds.

Even though the first 400 bulbs found their way from the boxes into the ground, the amount of bulbs in the boxes did not diminish noticeable. Next weeks I will be busy planting the rest of all these treasures.

Doing so will make me dream of spring!


White tulips.

Bulbs in all kind of shapes.

Boxes filled with bulbs.

In the backyard, 400 tulips.

Ready for planting.

Tulip bulb.

Spring time in the garden, next year.

These red/yellow tulips I am going to plant next week.

Daydreaming of spring!


  1. Dear Hetty
    How wonderful with all that bulbs!
    Next year will be fantastic! I love tulips and have a lot...


  2. When I was younger, tulips were my favorite bulbs, but here in LaMancha they are very difficult to grow because our countryside is over-populated with rabbits and hares (they now have few natural predators since the lynx are endangered). Instead, I have much better luck with daffodils/narcissus, but your post makes me think: hmmm, and if I planted tulips in tall pots?

  3. Beatiful, so many tulips!
    Have a nice weekend, best regards Ewa:)

  4. It is a very good feeling to unpack bulbs :-) 100 of each sort will be amazing! I am not able to order that many of the same sort. There are too many fantastic sorts and colours to chose...
    But this time I have managed to order mostly black and white tulips. Now I have to go out and plant the rest!

  5. Dear Hetty, gosh you planted 400 tulip bulbs?! That is a lot and you write that you will even put more into the ground? You really go all the way out! And, of course, it will be absolutely beautiful next spring. In your situation I couldn't stop dreaming of spring as well. Since white is my favorite color, I love that you went for a monochromatic white color scheme. I can't wait for photos when all the tulips emerge... Wishing you a lovely rest of the weekend!
    Warm regards,


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