Buying plants in Belgium.

A large garden event is being held twice a year on the grounds of the beautiful Beervelde estate in Belgium. This estate is located at Lochristi and is a one-hour drive by car from where I live. Every autumn I go to buy plants at this event. After arrival I heard all kind of languages: French, English, Dutch and Flemish. Wow, I feel abroad!

Many specialised plant companies are present at Beervelde. They come from all over Belgium, but also from Holland and even a few from England.

Let me tell you about the things I have seen that day.

Odd things.
At the stand of Peter Nijssen, I bought Allium sativum ophioscorodon. It is also known as  serpent garlic. At first the stem grows coiled, hence the name. A very odd one as you might imagine. Although I never use garlic, I was very pleased to buy some to see these coiling stems in my garden.

Desirable things.
Behind the stables of the estate you will find the “Geraniums stand”. Because I am a great fan of Geraniums, they can count on my visit every year. I saw a new variety called ‘Havana Blue’. Luckily I was able to buy the last two remaining plants. That makes the plant even more desirable don’t you think?

New things.
There was also a new type of braiding garden fence on display, inspired by a willow fence. It is made of synthetic fibre. I am not that fond of synthetic materials in the garden, but this fence looks natural and I think it is a good solution if you want a fence that will last for a long period of time.

Old things.
Last but not least, I was able to buy a few historic narcissuses, Narcis ‘Carnmoon’, N. ‘Santa Claus’ and N. ‘Glenside’. These narcissuses are so rare; you can’t even find a picture of them on the Internet. Next spring I will show you the pictures. You will envy me!

After I had spent all my money I went home satisfied. The boot of my car filled with new plants and lots of ideas in my head!


Beautiful arrangement of flowers.

Or in purple and red.

Plants for sale everywhere.

Hard to resist this tree fern.

Clematis stand.

If I was little this would be my wish!

I liked this stand with vegetables.

So nicely placed together.

Even outside the stand it looked nice.

New Spring fashion.

I saw a few Alpaca's for sale, so cute!

New fence I liked. Inspired on a willow fence.
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  1. Dear Hetty

    Fantastic and very inspirating post!
    Great fotos of gorgeous flowers in nice combinations!
    I enjoy it!


  2. Dear Hetty,

    You are so fortunate! Not only do you live in the Netherlands, the flower capital of the world, but then you get to hop on over to Belgium for such a wonderful flower market, and twice a year no less! We don't have any plant markets like that here in Spain, and garden centers here only carry a few boring basics. The more interesting things I have to buy online from France or The Netherlands. In fact, most of the English roses in my garden are from Lottum.

  3. Could call me a small collector of narcissus so I envy your bulbs of historic narcissus. Looking forward to see your pictures of them in spring.


  4. I would have loved being there, hunting for special things :-)
    Will you believe - I already got Geranium 'Havana Blues'!

  5. Oh what a wonderful place.
    I had loved to be there.
    Maybee somtime.
    Lovley pictures!
    Best regards from Ewa :)


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