The nursery “In Goede Aarde” (“In Good Earth”).

Last week I visited the nursery In Goede Aarde. I received an invitation from the Dutch Garden Foundation (Nederlandse Tuinen Stichting) to attend this special day. This particular nursery is located in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, and is a 45 minutes drive by car from where I live.

Frans and Franny Geijsels own this nursery. They are real plant freaks! Franny welcomes us and serves coffee. You feel immediately at home, so to speak, at this nursery.

Frans explains his criteria for a plant to be listed in his collection. The plant should grow healthy, should not be invasive and also should not be seeding out too much. All plants are grown by Frans himself.

After giving us some background information, Frans shows us the garden. In the garden you find large groups of plants with differed structures together with grasses. The plants look very healthy. Every time I visit this garden it looks fantastic. This is the work of Franny.

At the end of the garden tour we arrive in the nursery. The nursery is need and tidy. The plants look at their best. We start to buy plants right away. As you might imagine, I have bought me a lot of new plants.

For example Sporobolus ‘Cloud’. A fragile grass I have been wanting to have for quite some time.

I drive back home, satisfied. In my rear view mirror I can see the grasses waving at me.

It’s going to be fun in my garden!

                                   Info about the garden click here:

Nursery In Goede Aarde, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

 Frans Geijsels shows us the garden.

Beautiful combinations.

Tall plants.

I love this combination of Selinum, Salvia 'Berggarten' and rosemary.

At the horizon you will find Belgium.

A small pool in the garden.

Especially for the members of the NTS Franny serves soup, but we have no time....

Instead of eating soup we want to buy plants!

Overview of the nursery.

I bought these grasses. Sporobolus 'Cloud'.

There is always a lot of work to do.

We went home with a lot of new plants!
                                              Thanks Hakan for hosting


  1. Know how it feels to enter a beautiful nursery full of fantastic plants :-) Ornamental grass makes great effects in the garden. Good luck with the new plants!


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