September. Roses on my table.

Last week it was lovely weather. It even feels like summer, but it is in fact September. I even have been to the beach several times!

Last autumn I planted Rosa ‘La Rose de Molinard’ ‘and Rosa Sommerwind, and they seem to enjoy the sunny weather too. They flourished really well.

‘Rose de Molinard’ has a very strong rose fragrance. A disadvantage is that she has had some trouble to come out of the buds. Next year as the roses are more established, I hope this will be better.

The rose ‘Sommerwind’ has fulfilled my expectations. She flowered all through the summer. The flower looks like Rosa 'Bonica'. Only the shrub is smaller. (45 cm high)

I picked some of both roses together with Astrantia and Kalimeris. So you can enjoy this flower arrangement too.

A summer week in September……… That is my cup of tea!


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'Rose de Molinard'

Rosa 'Sommerwind' and Astrantia.

My cup of tea and roses in my favorite candy tin.

Roses, Kalimeris, Lathyrus and Astrantia

September sun in the garden.

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  1. A sweet September Summer bouquet :)
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  2. Underbara premiärer som du bjuder på....härliga bilder....=)

    Kram Ninni

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    Best regards from Ewa :)


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