Garden Blogger Booms Day. September 2014.

For the last two weeks we have had lovely sunny weather. The garden is filled with flowers. It looks like summer returns! 

Although the sunshine, now and again I see some colored leaves on the trees. Autumn is creeping in the garden.  Nevertheless, let's enjoy this wonderful pictures of late summer blooms day!

You will find more stories about my garden in the blog archive. 

Groetjes from Holland and have a nice Garden Bloggers Blooms Day! 



Kalimeris alba. Flowering for ever!

Rosa Mme. Alfred Carriere.

Wild vine.
Seeds of the tree peony. They look like candy. 

Autumn leaves. 

Apples on the tree. This one is called Goudreinet 'Schone van Boskoop'.

Dahlia 'Naomi'

Bouquet of Autumn flowers on the garden table.


  1. Lovely bouquet! Nice autum pictures!


  2. So many beautiful blooms but what really caught my eye was the incredible color of the berries on the wild vine. Happy GBBD!

  3. Lovely! Wow, the color on those berries-beautiful!

  4. Lovely garden colors! The tree peony seeds are really cool!

  5. Such lovely pictures! Love the blue berries on the wild wine! Have a nice weekend! :) Mia

  6. Lovely photos from your September garden:-)


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