Delphiniums, can they flower twice a year?

I order to have my Delphiniums to flower twice this year, I have tried a little experiment with these plants.

I cut back one part of the Delphiniums to the ground after flowering. The other part of the Delphiniums I did not cut at all. Meanwhile - it is mid September- the results of my experiment are visible.

The plants I did not cut back at all look rather sad. Only some brown stakes have remained. At the base of these, a few new leaves have appeared. These plants will not flower again this year, that is for sure.

The plants I cut back after flowering look very healthy at the moment. Massive flower stems in heavenly blue appear above the green foliage! I did not expect the results to be so completely different.

So, …..after flowering, I can recommend to be brutal with your secateurs and cut the plant down completely. Your Delphinium will say thank you by flowering again!

Finally, here are some pictures, let us melt away at these beautiful blues....


Delphinium 'Grunberg'

Look at that blue.

Massive flowers.

Also in light blue.

Delphinium 'Oberon'.

Close up.
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  1. Lovely, intense blue colours. I enjoy the photos!


  2. De är väldigt vackra att se och längta till
    Ha en fin lördag
    kram Meta

  3. Dear Hetty, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!
    Great that you did that experiment with your delphiniums, now you know for sure what to do to get them to flower a second time of the year! You have wonderful varieties growing in you garden. I just so love the clear blue colors that delphiniums can come in. Unfortunately, here in Southern California it is just too hot for them to be happy! Warm regards,

  4. Dear Hetty,
    Wonderful blue color! Many perennials give a second flowering when cut back properly. Even Bleeding heart sometimes.

  5. Yes, they are lovely, the blue ones! And it is fortunate that they answer so good at the cutting! Have a nice sunday! :) Mia

  6. Lovely!! I do the same to mine Delphinum. They bloomed twice as well. Lucky us:)

  7. Hello Hetty
    I love your Delphinium 'Grunberg' - that colour is magical - I hope I can find it at my garden nursery!
    I love your tip about cutting at the base to promote a second flowering!
    I'm so fond of blue in the garden.


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