It is mid summer, my Romneya is flowering.

Outside my window the Romneya is starting to flower. Romneya is also known as the Californian tree poppy.
I purchased this plant years ago in Spinners garden (UK). I instantly fell in love with the beautiful pure white flowers with the texture of crepe paper. Together with the yellow pompom heart, it really is a plant to die for.
Romneya flowers for months. It only needs a sunny spot in the garden and it grows about 2 meters high.
The owner of Spinners garden who sold me the plant, said: “It is a forgiving plant about the soil”. He was ever so right. The plant thrives even in poor conditions. For instance I grow the Romneya against the wall of our house. Not the best soil of my garden.
It is a challenge to germinate the hairy seed heads. I once even tried to burn the seeds in a pot, to copy the forest fires that strike California every year. Seeing me burning the seeds, my friends mocked me! However, despite my efforts the seeds did not germinate. I have accepted that.

But do not bother. I still have my plant and it flowers. What more can one wish for?
                                  Info about the garden:

Pompom shaped heart.

From above.

Beautiful in the sun.

To die for.

Romneya bud.

Romneya leaves also beautiful.


Flower and bud.

Flower with the texture of crepe paper.

Flower in the evening sun.
Romneya in front of my window.

Seed head.


  1. What a lovely plant with such pretty flowers. I'd not heard of it before, so it's nice to find a new plant I could add to the garden.


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