Vieille France.

Last weekend I have spent some time with my eldest daughter. She invited me to visit all the antic shops she knew in her region.

So we started at the antic market in Heusden. Unfortunately, it rained all the time. In a short period of time we felt very cold and wet. So we hurried to the next stop in Tilburg. We visited her favourite second hand shop there.

After that we drove to my favourite antic shop, “Vieille France”.(more about the shop) This is located some nine minutes drive from Tilburg. Although my daughter lived close by for a long time, she had never visited this shop. I was sure she would like it!

I was ever so right! Inside the shop they have created the feel of an old French village. A small street had been created in the middle. On both sides of this street many houses had been created. You could take a look inside each of them and everything in it was for sale! My daughter was completely blown away by the way it looked.

We stayed for ages and saw many nice items. What to buy? Everything was so nicely placed; you simply have to have it all!

In another depot we found just the right cupboard for her kitchen. After some thinking my daughter decided to buy it. It was perfect!

Next day in a joint effort we hung the cupboard on the wall and we placed the old dinner plates of her grandmother in it. It looked just lovely.

Guess what she read on her calendar that day?

“You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?”
(Steven Wright.)

We know he is ever so right, we only want the best!

Antic market Heusden.

It was very wet.

Entrance of Vieille France.

Look at that! An old French street.

Everything is for sale.

Nice rooms.

If I was a carpenter....

You want to stay for ever.

Look at that variety. 

The cupboard.

All treasures in the car.

Finished. The cupboard on the kitchen wall.


  1. Oh so many fantastic thing´s...I want everything!
    You have a beautiful blog!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. I feel the same, but my house is too small for all those nice things!

  2. Think I would have liked to spend some time here...
    Lucky daughter!
    Wish you a nice Weekend :-)

    1. For you it is a long trip! But you have seen it now.


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