Papaver somniferum.

Last week we were driving along a field of opium poppies (Papaver somniferum). It looked amazing. Mind you the Papaver seeds are grown to decorate bread, not to make opium out of it. We stopped to take some pictures.

Made me think of the beautiful Papavers I have been growing in my picking garden. Below you can find some pictures I made of these flowers that are extreme double and deeply lobed. Some of them look like a ruffly pompom.

At this moment the flowers are already fading and the seed heads are starting to dry out. Once the seeds are ripe, the little “shutters” on top of the pots open. With a little bit of wind the seeds will be shaken out of the pots.

That is the nice thing about nature. Everything is ever so well thought-out, even in the smallest details.

It makes me silent.

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Papaver somniferum

In full flower.

Dark red.

Or a little bit brighter.

In odd shapes

Red colored pom pom.

Beautiful color.

Last year a lavender colored one.

Seed pot.

A bud.

Beautiful heart.

The "shutters" are open. Ready to spread the seeds.
Papaver field.

Bread decorated with papaver seeds.


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