Molehills into the lawn. A bad tip.

Recently a mole has become a great fan of my garden. However, as you might have guessed, it is devastating my lawn. How to stop him from ruining my most beloved lawn?

Since I live in a rural environment killing those animals is not an option. Killing one will only encourage another one to arrive and start crawling and digging holes.

To fight your enemies you have to know them well. I know moles have a well-developed smelling sense. By using that knowledge I thought I had have found me an easy way of dispelling them. I used mothballs! The penetrating odor chases them away for some time.

How it is done:
Poke a stick in the molehill in order to find the tunnel.
Throw a mothball in the tunnel.
Close the hole by stepping on it with your foot.

Previously, this method has been working quite well. They have probably found another lawn to dig their tunnels!

But alas, this year this method has not been successful at all. Every day more hills appear! Even, rerouting the electric fence in the lawn was to no avail.

May be I should consider artificial grass.

                                   info about the garden:

Molehill in the lawn.

Poke with a stick.

Throw a moth ball into the tunnel.

Step on it with your foot.

It did not work the way I have planned.

Even, rerouting the electric fence in the lawn has not been successful. 


  1. I've never had that problem, so I can't help. But I do hope you find a solution!

  2. Ugh! Not all fans are welcome...
    My garden is happy without!


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