Unpredictable poppies.

What is it about poppies, that I am always so attracted to them? Is it the delicate flower, the hairy stems or the fragile way of growing?

I always leave space in my garden for a small poppy field. Poppies are easy to grow. Dig over the ground in August and sow the seeds thinly. The seeds germinate quickly. The next summer they will flower in all kinds of lovely colours.

Poppies spontaneously pop up in my garden everywhere. They make for all kinds of colour combinations. This year I found a pink poppy hanging over an Allium Christophii in the same colour range. In another part of the garden I have seen a blazing red poppy combined with salmon Eremurus. And what to think of blue Delphinium in combination of poppies in two shades of pink?

In fact that is what I like most about the poppies, the unpredictable and unexpected combinations. Combinations you will never think of yourself.

So, if you let your poppies seed freely, they will surprise you time and again.

I just adore them.

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Poppies in my garden.

Vibrant colours in the poppy field.

Soft pink.

Extremely beautiful.

Hairy stems in the morning sun.

The seed pot is always visible.

Unusual colour. 

Vulnerable flowers. 

Subtle surprise combination, poppy and 'Allium Christoffii'.

Vibrant surprise combination, red poppy and salmon coloured Eremurus.

Pink poppies and blue Delphinium, always a favorite combination.


  1. Think I like everything about them. Not least the hairy, nodding buds and silky skirt!

  2. Oh so lovely! Beautiful!

  3. Hello Titti, I saw you have picked poppies too!


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