Inspiring flea market


Last week I visited the local flea market. I know this sounds ridicules, but I always feel a kind of excitement.   

I arrived early to be sure I have the best bargains. It was crowded. At 9 the gates were opened.

In a stand with garden equipment I saw two old-fashioned beach chairs. What an opportunity! I wanted to have those for a long time. I bought them immediately. At the same stand, I also bought three small birdcages. They looked a bit dusty, but for the price of one euro I was very satisfied.

The beach chairs needed a new cloth. I wanted to have a black colour. I went straight up to the local upholsterer and asked him to fix it for me. He promised me to do that this week.

After I arrived home I painted the birdcages in a white colour.  After drying I placed a small vase inside and added some flowers. I hung them above the coffee table in the barn. It looks perfect together with the glass vases that already hang above the table. During the open garden days I am sure many visitors will admire my work.

For those of you who are not able to come to visit my garden, I made some pictures. I can’t wait to show you my treasures!

                                      info about the garden click here:

Bird cage, Geranium Mrs. Kendall Clark and Lathyrus 'Charlies Angels'.

Another bird cage, rosa Felicite et Perpetue.

Together with small vases

Small vases filled with flowers.

Small roses in small vases.

I have added a fake bird on top.

In the barn above the coffee table.

Two old-fashioned beach chairs.


  1. Piękne aranżacje !!!! - pozdrawiam

  2. Hi Hetty,

    How lovely that you were able to buy the fabulous beach chairs and the bird cage at the Market - the chairs look great in your garden.
    Hope you are enjoying the week


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