An enchanting garden.

Probably you did not notice that I have not been working in my garden last week. The reason for my absence was that I have been visiting nine gardens in Great Britain.

I am still musing about the gardens I have seen. Gardens in all sizes and shapes. Of course it is impossible to review nine gardens in one post. Instead I will show you the pictures of the garden that has surprised me the most. This was Abbotsbury botanical garden at the South coast of Great Britain.

Walking through this garden I immediately felt an atmosphere of an old wood. Besides tall trees - some with an odd bark - there were large ferns and rhododendrons like monsters.

At the path I took there were no other visitors. It seemed I was all-alone in an enchanted garden.

Surrounded by nature, and plants and trees I have never seen before. It made me feel very small but at the same time very happy.

An enchanting paradise.

                                          Info about the garden click here:

Lily pond, Monet would have loved it.

Nobody around me.

Large ferns

Rododendron like monsters.

Rododendron with new very soft buds.

In an old forest

Trees all over.

Echium. Three or four meter high!

Flower of Echium close up.

Leave of Gunnera like an umbrella.

I felt small

Tall trees with an odd bark.


  1. Wow! You could be walking through Hollard Gardens with me last week! And I was totally alone, too! Your photos are wonderful and show a great variety of awesome flora.

  2. Dear Betty, it is a pity that it is so far away......

  3. British gardens are really worth a trip (or many!).
    Strange to be alone in such a magic place. Some of the gardens can be rather crowded, and makes it difficult to take pictures. I "collect" places of interest to go...

  4. Put it on your list Villrose! But it is a long way from Norway....


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