About caterpillars and butterflies.

I noticed that there must be something wrong with my Aruncus ‘Horatio’. The beautiful foliage of this plant looked like a Swiss cheese within a few days. What is happening over there?

My first thought was that a snail was eating the plant at night. Therefore I inspected the plant in the evening by the light of my torch. But no sign of a snail on the leaves whatsoever! Sadly, the next day, the plant looked even worse. Obviously there was something terribly wrong. 

At daytime I inspected my Aruncus once again. At last, I spotted a tiny green caterpillar. Not one, but at least a fifty of them. All together eating like a horse from my Aruncus!

An old expression, which my father often told me, sprung to my mind:

“Those who want to see butterflies, will have to bear with the caterpillars!”

What to do? Having fifty butterflies this summer or a plant without leaves? I was on the horns of a dilemma.

This time I chose for the plant.

Sorry, cute tiny caterpillars for ending your lives. I just like my plant more!

The garden is opened June 20 and 21. 

Butterfly in my garden. Small Tortoiseshell on Astrantia. 

Beautiful laves of Aruncus 'Horatio'.

Tiny caterpillar eating the last bits of the leave.

Look what is left!

Cute tiny caterpillars before......


  1. Uh-oh! So many caterpillars is not nice! So...

  2. The plant looks much better now after the killing!

  3. Sometimes you just have to make that choice--and I'd probably make the same one. Glad your plant is getting better!

  4. Thank you for your support. I felt a little bit guilty!


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