A rose with more than a hundred flowers.

From our living room we have a wonderful view on a beautiful rosebush. It is located at a shady spot close to our garden doors. Nevertheless at this moment this rose covers the arch with hundreds of small roses. A beautiful sight.  

This rose is called Félicité et Perpétue. That is because the French rose grower, Jacques, named it after his two daughters. It was launched on the market in 1828. But even after 186 years the rose is still very popular!

An arch covered with these cream coloured roses makes for an overwhelming picture. And even though it flowers only ones, it blushes so beautifully that you will easily forgive the rose that ‘flaw’.

Are there no other shortcomings to this rose? Oh yes indeed. It has very sharp thorns. And it also is a very vigorous grower. After flowering, the rose starts growing like mad. You will have to cut down its 3 meter long shoots, to keep the rose in shape.

You can imagine that after cutting all those thorny shoots I have scratches all over my body.

But I must stop complaining! Let me show you the roses instead.

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Rose arch covered with roses

Rosa 'Félicité et Perpétue' against the blue sky.

Beautiful small roses

From the living room into the garden.

From the garden towards the living room.

The rose  'Félicité et Perpétue' close up.

Dangerous thorns.


  1. A most beautiful rose! I love historical roses, climbing roses, and especially those with an overwhelming flowering. (And the beautiful beasts thank you for the care by sticking and clinging)
    Mmm. But i can feel the wonderful fragrance...

  2. Dear Villrose, as you know, it is all a labour of love!

  3. Wow, you have a beautiful blooming arch. Maybe next time to put some protective clothes on?


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