Open garden days, two wonderful weeks.

The spring open garden days have been finished this weekend. In this I show the bulbs in my garden. It has been two wonderful weeks.

It all started with an interview. An interview is always fun, but this one was for Gardens Illustrated and to me that makes it a little bit special.

Groups that visited on special appointment were delighted about the various colour combinations. My bulb supplier Jan Deen ( made a visit too, interested a he was to see how the bulbs he supplied did.

Visitors from interior and abroad spent some time together at my table in the barn. Tips were exchanged and I kept on pouring jugs filled with coffee.

Two foolish robins had made nest in the barn. Little could they know about that many maternity visits! Inconspicuously, they tried bringing their young to eat. Of course that did not work out well and they became the talk of the day!

Now the dust has settled, the open days are over. The robins will be able to raise their children quietly.

For you I have chosen the10 best spring pictures. And I?

I'll keep on gardening. Possibly the roses might bloom next week!

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Frittelaria rubra.

Border in soft pink colors. T. Flaming Purisima and T. Exotic Emperor.

Border in yellow and red. In the middle a tree peony.

Iris hollandica, White Wedgwood.

Picking garden in all kinds of colors.

Tulip Blue Diamond and Frittelaria persica.

Wallflower and Tulipa Gorilla.

Botanical tulip Bright Gem and Poeniculum vulgare 'Giant Bronze'

The latest flowering tulip. Tulipa Picture.

Tulipa Blue Parrot and the dark tulip Continental.

The barn. This is were the conversation take place.

Robin in the barn.

Five babies!


  1. I am a great Tulip fan. T. Flaming Purisima and Exotic Emperor are among my favourites. T. Gorilla was an exciting sort! Hopefully little Robin and family will have a quiet time to come..


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