Garden Bloggers Bloom's Day. May 2014.

May. In my opinion the most beautiful month for the garden. These pictures I made especially for you. Do you want to read more about my Dutch garden? Go right ahead. I have already written many stories about the garden. You find them on the blog archive. 

Enjoy your Garden Bloggers Bloom's Day!

                                            info about the garden click here:


Border with Allium

Geranium versicolor

Peonia 'Jan van Leeuwen'

Rosa 'La Perla'

Rosa Fruhlingsduft

Border with Irissis

Iris germanica 'Night Ruler'

Aquilegia alba

Iris germanica Classic Look'

Iris germanica

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  1. So many alliums, I love it. They work together well in mass -- I never see them together this way, and it makes you appreciate the flower differently.

  2. Dear Hetty,

    Your garden must be so very beautiful and loved seeing all your gorgeous flowers you have growing there. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend and wishing you a great November


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