An old fashioned rose for a dark spot.

In my garden I have four arches. They are overgrown with roses. One of these arches is situated in a shady position. Therefore it is not easy to find a rose that thrives under these dark conditions.

The arch that I am talking about is situated in front of our large barn. It is this barn that provides for a lot of shade. Only the evening sun reaches this particular spot. I have tried the rose ‘New Dawn’ at this spot, because according to my old rose book this rose is known for its capacity to grow in dark places.

However, it did not work for my arch. The rose suffered from a lot of diseases, Black spot and rose rust. Some years there was not a leave left on the rose. So, ‘New Dawn' had to go.

I consulted my old rose book again and found yet another option: the rose ‘Mme Alfred Carrière’. This is a vigorous rose and it thrived immediately. It repeats flowering all summer long with large elegant pale pink flowers. The flowers look downwards so when you look up to them you can admire the beauty of the flowers. I am very pleased with this rose also because of its nice sent.

At this very moment the arch is already covered with flowers. I have placed a small table and some chairs underneath the arch, so we can enjoy both the rose as the evening sun.

Drinking a glas of wine and the scent of the old fashioned roses...

Isn’t it romantic?

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Old fashioned rose 'Mme Alfred Carriere'.

Rose on the arch.

rose 'Mme Alfred Carriere'

Another old fashioned rose 'Fantin Latour'. One of my favorites.

Two scenting roses on the table, 'Fantin Latour' and 'Blanche fleur'.

A postcard from my garden.

And more..

Evening sun in the garden.

Isn’t it romantic? The arch, the barn and the table in the evening sun. 


  1. Delicate images of oldfashioned roses :-)
    I am always searching for roses that thrive in more shaded places. I am very excited to find out if ‘Mme Alfred Carrière’, which I planted last year will bloom.... The Alba roses do well, some Gallicas too.

  2. Your garden and roses are very beautiful as are your photos.

  3. So nice to find another old rose lover. My roses are all planted for their scent.


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