A week of ups, downs and ups again.

At this very moment a regular gale is blowing! It looks like it wants to destroy my garden already in May. It makes me angry to say the least. But let me start at the beginning, after all this week started with an “up”.

As you may remember from my last post there was a nest of robins in my barn. Well, they have flown out! At the ridge of the barn they fly from beam to beam. They still cannot fly properly. It seems to me they fly like in slow motion. Once arrived at the other beam they give a loud squeak every two seconds. I am happy they are inside, because in the barn they can practice safely.

As I told you above, outside there is a small gale going on! We live only a mile from the sea and are accustomed to a lot of wind. But wind force 7 in May? It is depressing me. The roses that have just come into bloom are literally blown off the bushes. I pick up a severed rose from the grass and put it into the mortar and pestle. That makes for a nice picture.

However, nevertheless the strong winds, snapped off roses and irises too for that matter, this week still ended on a high. That is because my regular bulb supplier Jan Deen ( www.deenbloembollen.nl ) has send me a box filled with a 100 tulips. He knew a group was coming to visit my garden. He also knew that there were no more tulips in bloom.

"No tulips in your garden? That will not happen”, he wrote in the note that went along with the box. He also wrote; “you are creative enough”.

Many thanks Jan! You can leave that to me ...

Little Robin in the barn.

Rosa 'Mme Alfred Carriere'.

Rose in mortar and pestle.

Outside rosa 'Mme Alfred Carriere'.

Creative with 100 tulips! Tulip 'Flash Point'.

Inside the barn, Tulip 'Pioneer'.

On the table in the Ikea vases, Tulip 'Red Princess' and cow parsley.

Bucket with Tulip 'Flash Point' and Iris hollandica.


  1. just Lovely :)
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    it is FUN :)
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