Spring garden tour with Gnome Joop.

Hello there, its me again Gnome Joop. She wants me to give you a tour around her garden. I would rather not. So I have hidden myself behind a large tulip! But alas she finally has found me. Here we go.

We are starting at the hedges at the sideway. There are some beautiful daffodils and tulips over there. But there is a lot of weeds between the quarry tiles too. Did you notice that dandelion a short step away?

Personally, I am very fond of dandelions. She however always pulls them out. I will blow out this dandelion, that will keep her busy!

The front yard. Have you notices how green that grass is? It is really hurting my eyes. Let's go on then.

Past the old barn, that is a very long walk for me. Incidentally, this barn really should be painted. Last year she wanted to paint the barn, but she did far from it. Instead of doing that she just went to the beach!

Now we are in the picking garden. That is the place where I hang out mostly. The scents of daffodils is overwhelming. That scent will give me a headache. Fortunately the daffodils will be over in a month.

As you can see, she cleared this side behind the barn. There is not much sunshine in this area. That's why she has placed some pots with bulbs over here. She thinks that will make them bloom later. I bet you not, when the temperature rises to 22 degrees as it is today!

Take a look at this part of the garden. It is already flourishing. She is sitting all day on the bench watching her tulips grow. As if that will help!

The next garden area; now called the daffodil garden. It will take some time before all white daffodils are blooming. Let's quickly go to some more color!

The last time I was here, there was a white table, but that has now gone. Why does she do that? Cannot she make up her mind or does she deliberately want to confuse you?

We have turned around another corner. This is her idea of a flower meadow. Do you like those little tulips as well?

These high torches are called Frittelaria persica. She has chosen these because deer don’t like them. But she did not know that snails do. Now she goes about picking snails every night using a flashlight! She must be bonkers!

Fortunately, the end of the garden tour! I hope it will not be too busy during the open garden days. Too much visitors is a real intrusion on my privacy.

Hope to see you next time (not really though), gnome Joop

The garden is open: April 24, 25, 28, 29, 30. May 1, 2 and 3 from 10.00u-13.00u

                                extra information about the garden clic here


  1. A wonderful tour through the Daffodil and Tulip garden! So, she went to the beach, did she ;-)


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