Apple blossom.

The apple trees in my garden are flowering! How idyllic it would be to write a blog under the blossoming apple trees? However the flowering period of fruit trees is a short one, so I will have to be quick.

I have some old-fashioned varieties, with funny names like ' Red Boskoop' and 'Sweet Hollaers’. Just because I am to lazy to spray them every week, I do not use any pesticides on them. Now and again a caterpillar in the core of your apple, who cares. Meat for free!

I understand that in Japan people will have a party during the blossoming of the cherry trees. I have read this in a book by Bertus Aafjes, a Dutch writer who spend some time in Japan. Japanese families picnicking together under the blossoming cherry trees. Is that not a fantastic initiative?

From that same book I remember how the Japanese divide the flowering period of the cherry trees into three days.
Day 1: the day of the promise.
Day 2: the day of the rapture.
Day 3: Day of remembrance.

How true that is!

I think of these three days every year when the fruit trees are blossoming.

As I look at my two apple trees, the 'Sweet Hollaers‘ is in its day of promise, whilst ' Red Boskoop' is already in its day of rapture. Fortunately, the day of rapture often lasts more than 24 hours!

The pear tree on the street side has already stopped flowering. It blossomed overwhelming last week, but that is only remembrance now.

That's why I try to enjoy this period as much as possible. Before you know it it's over. Over?

Read this classic Japanese haiku*:

Look, apple blossom!
Now we only have to wait
For the apples.

* The haiku is a Japanese form of poetry.


The garden is opened: April 24, 25, 28, 29 and 30. May 1, 2 and 3. from 10.00h- 13.00h.

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Me, writing under the appeltrees.

Apple 'Sweet Holloars'. The day of promesses.

Apple blossom the day of promesses.

Apple 'Red of boskoop'. The day of rapture.

Apple blossom, the day of rapture.

Pear tree, the day of remembrance.

Cherry blossom in Japan.

Japanese families picnicking together.


  1. We have to enjoy the time the fruit trees flowers, and hope there will be no wind to blow them away...
    It's a good thing to take care of old apple sorts. I own two old trees myself, and do not bother to spray...

  2. Dear Hetty,

    I loved seeing your beautiful apple trees with blossom - looks like a great place to sit on your bench to relax there. Wonderful that you have some old fashioned varieties.
    Happy new week and many thanks for visiting me.


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