A trip to the Keukenhof.

"Would you like want to go to the Keukenhof this year?" My husband asks me. " Of course !" I replied.

It is about a two hour drive from our home to Keukenhof. (www.keukenhof.nl). After we arrived we walked straight to the Historic garden. That is my favourite spot at the Keukenhof. Sitting on the benches against the wall heated by the sun, you can observe the crowd passing through. All kinds of nationalities come by and they all take pictures of the same bed with red tulips in full bloom. This flowerbed looks like a red coloured roiling sea.

The flowerbed looks like a red coloured roiling sea.
After staying a while in the Historic garden, we walk along to the sample gardens. I really do not want to miss these gardens. The so called ‘recycle garden’ was very 'out of the box' so to speak. A sea container sawed in half, is being used as a garden shed. What a super idea. The ‘cooking garden’ also inspired me. A light green colour had been used, which I liked very much. I think I still have a leftover of this colour somewhere too. I will use it to colour my jars. However, the bright green plastic pots that have been used in the same garden, I don not particularly like. Too bright; but they were used in an original way.

A sea container sawed in half, being used as a garden shed.

I like the light green colour, but dislike the bright green one on the right.

We rest a little on a special bench made of straw and listen to the chattering of Russian women who are sitting behind us. What are they talking about?

In front of the mill is a border with pink tulips, hyacinths and blue forget-me-not’s. In case you wonder how they manage to keep all the hyacinths at the Keukenhof so nice and straight; each hyacinth gets an iron stake! Just imagine how many iron stakes you need for a large border ....

Border with pink tulips, hyacinths and forget-me-not. 

All hyacinths gets an iron stake.

The mill at the Keukenhof with a wooden shoe. Believe me we don't wear them!
Because it's such nice weather we do not fancy going inside the pavilions. With one exception though; the orchid pavilion. That is because my brother is exhibiting there his Paphiopedilum orchids. (www.pporchideeen.nl ) Just for fun, we count the number of people that take a picture of his orchids in a 5 minute period. We have counted 32 people. Filled with pride I step out of the pavilion. My brother!

In the orchid pavilion. 

The orchids in a white/green colour

I like this color combination very much.
Then we take a look at the area around the large pond. Huge areas of blooming tulips in bright colours. It looks great. I spoke a gardener who is digging up an area of hyacinths. (All with a Iron stake of course). I asked him what they were going to replant. He replied daffodils. From the cooling though, because the visitors to come next there should still be something to see. The show must go on. With a head filled with ideas we return home.

 Huge areas of blooming tulips in bright colours.

A drift of Muscari. Always beautiful. 
Once at home, I take a look in my own garden, which at that moment is glowing in the evening light.

A splinter of the Keukenhof!

In my garden, Tulipa Blue Diamond and Frittelaria persica.

The garden is glowing in the evening light.

The garden is open:
April 24, 25, 28, 29 and 30.
 May 1, 2 and 3
from 10.00h- 13.00

information about the garden click here:


  1. Oh, how lovely to just have 2 hours to Keukenhof! Sometime I will go there to! Thanks for the lovely pictures! Hope You have a Happy Easter! :) Mia

  2. Looks like a really great place! Many beautiful photos!

  3. It is always fantastic to go to. Hope you can make this trip ones in your garden life!


  4. Your garden is beautiful! I love the Muscari. You are so lucky to have so many flowers to

  5. Of course! I went there some years ago, and it was overwhelming! Not least the Muscari drift. Would love to copy at home, but...

    Happy Easter!


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