Scent . Subtle or obtrusive?

In the garden the Iris flourishes beautifully. It is bulbous Iris aucheri, an unknown Iris, 15 cm high, a real beauty. It flowers in very pale blue, and has a green yellow stripe on the lower lip. In backlit the flower seems translucent.

To show how well these Irises are doing in my garden I have send a picture to my bulb supplier ( ). He replied: "Have you smelled the scent already?"

Well no, I did not. After all, when you try to make sharp pictures you should hold your breath. I did not notice any smell at all. To get familiar with the smell I pick one of those Irises from the garden and take it inside.

I take a smell on the Iris .... to me they smell like a spring meadow. My husband however thinks it's a combination of freesia and lilies. A subtle fragrance. It suits this light blue flower.

I go back into the garden and pick a bunch of different flowers. Then I try to describe the floral scent one by one. It is more difficult than you would imagine! I smell banana with a hint of lemon, vanilla and lots of lily fragrances. I place all the flowers in a tulip vase in the kitchen window .

When I go into the kitchen that evening, a heavy floral scent overwhelms me. It is a real explosion of fragrances. The lily scent of the daffodils almost gives me a headache.

Fragrant flowers are fantastic in the garden. But inside, some are just a little bit too powerful to in my taste!

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Iris aucheri green/yellow stripe on the lower lip.

The flower looks transparant.

Pale blue Iris aucheri. 

Look at that! The more the better. 

An explosion of fragances in the kitchen window.

Old fashioned Narcissus 'Bath's Flame' in tulip vase. Strong scent.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! I wish I could smell them.


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