DIY. Pear branches for decoration

I was wondering what to write about this week? There is so much going on in the garden. I decide to prune my pear tree first, maybe I will come up with an idea. After all, besides writing, a lot of ‘real’ work has to be done as well.

May. Pear tree in full bloom.

This year there are a lot of waterspouts at my pear tree. Waterspouts are branches, which grow straight up. I have to remove them, because they take a lot of energy from the tree.

Watersprouts, Rabbits hay and a plastic container with flower bulbs 

Once the pruning was done I picked up the bundle of waterspouts to put them in the trash bin. As I passed by some old potato baskets, I said to myself what a beautiful branches, cannot I use these for another purpose?

Old potato baskets. 
I stopped and tried to bend the branches around the edges of the potato baskets. That did not work out to well. Anything else? I inserted a branch in the holes at either side of the potato basket, forming a round shape. I liked this shape. It gives body to the baskets in which soon the Crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) will be blooming.

Ready. It looks nice.

To cover up the nasty looking black edges of the plastic container I needed rabbits hay. Quickly I went on my bike to the local supermarket in order to get some of this hay. Whilst biking, I noticed to my surprise that I am still wearing my dirty gardening gloves. Obviously I'm in my flow!

Back at home I filled up the edges with the rabbits hay and inserted all the branches into the baskets. Looking at the result I am quite satisfied. It looks nice.

Front door with the old potato baskets and branches.

A tip for those of you who want to recreate this: do not do this craft project at the entrance of your house. Otherwise you will have to sweep straw out of your house all week. Just like I had to do!
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