Spring fever in Januari?

Until now, the winter has been mild. Walking outside I can hear the birds singing. They make typical spring sounds. Do they already have spring fever?

To enjoy the garden I have to go down on my belly. Snowdrops are blooming in the front garden, the first herald of spring. These snowdrops are called Galanthus Elwesii. They are more resistant to dry conditions and are slightly larger than regular snowdrops. Galanthus Elwesii is showing off. I love that in this time of the year.

Soft pink cyclamen are blossoming under the plum tree. How cute do these little flowers look. In a pot, a little bit further away, I see a flower in the Lathyrus vernus. An unknown but fantastic spring plant. It will bloom exuberantly with the botanical tulips I have already planted. And under the yew hedge, even blooms a forget-me-not.

The green flowers of Helleborus corsicus has appeared at the side of the house. In a gap between the wall and the path, the plant has seed itself. A plant with initiative! To protect the pollen against the rain, the flowers of Helleborus are always faced downwards. As I lie down on the path, I can take a picture of the inside of the flowers.

I get no spring fever from laying on the ground, though. It is wet and cold.

However for my plants, I will bend over backwards!

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Snowdrops in the front garden.

Galanthus Elwesii

More snowdrops.


Close up.

Lathyrus vernus.

Under the yew hedge blooms a forget-me-not.

The green flowers of Helleborus corsicus.

The plant has seed itself.