I love mosses.

Last week stormy winds has blown a piece of timber off the barn. I was surprised by the beautiful lichen that grew on it.

This piece of timber inspired me to take pictures of all the different mosses in the garden. I don’t have to search much because these are all over the place, especially in dark corners of the garden.

Moss is beautiful when the sun shines on it. I have found velvety pads, high and short pole carpets of moss, in all shades of green. I had to wait patiently with my camera till at last the sun shines on the moss. Like I said, moss grows in dark places.

I do not know the names of the mosses in my garden. But mosses have funny names like, White-tipped Moss, Rose Moss, Pincushion Moss. Or what about Haircap Moss? Just for the name you would like to have them!

Not everyone likes mosses though. Occasionally visitors have advised me to spray the mosses with vinegar. That is supposed to eradicate the mosses!

Thus being advised I silently think: there is no accounting for taste.

I love mosses!
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The barn

Piece of timbre blown off the barn.

Piece of timber with beautiful lichen.

Concrete ball with mosses.

Stone wall with moss.

All shades of green.

Paving with mosses.