Planting roses step by step.

My garden looks very spacious now all the boxwood has gone. That gives me plenty possibilties to plant new roses!

Last week’s I have been checking out the website of Tuincentrum Lottum endlessly.  ( What a gorgeous roses they have on sale. Finally, after a lot of deliberation, I made up my mind which roses I wanted to have.

I called the garden centre and ordered the roses I selected. After that I went straight into the garden to dig the holes for the roses , because this company tends to deliver already the next day. A perfect situation for an impatient garden woman like me.

Indeed, the postman delivered a big box full of rose bushes the next day. I took the roses out of the box and left them a few hours in a large tub of water to “drink”.

In the meantime, it started to rain very heavily, and I did not fancy working in the muddy clay. So, I put the roses in one of the holes and covered it with soil. I believe this is called heeling in. By doing so the roses do not suffer from being not planted immediately.

A few days later, the weather had improved and I was ready to plant.

How to plant roses step by step :
1 Dig a big hole
2 Put on some potting soil
3 Put the rose in the hole, spreading the roots
4 Another layer of potting soil
5 Put crumbled soil in the hole.
6 Stamp the ground with your shoe
7 Take care that the bud union is a few cm below the level of the ground
8 Water the roses

And then……, this impatient garden woman has to wait until June to see if these roses are just as beautiful as on the pictures......

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Roses in the box

Give the roses a drink

Heel them in if you don't have time to plant.

Potting soil on the bottom, spread the roots.

Add more potting soil

Add  crumbled soil

Water the roses